Successful Work-life Balance Book

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Successful Work-life Balance Book

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A timely publication for the modern mum – educated, tech-savvy & talented

'Successful Work-Life Balance' is a unique two-in-one book that examines the two main options women would consider in their journey towards better work-life balance: flexi-work and starting a business.

The book focuses on practical tips and inspiring, real-life stories of mothers who have successfully found their work-life balance through either the  "flexi-work way" or the "mumpreneur's way"

Three employers who offer flexible work arrangements are also featured. They show how flexi-work can work to the advantage of the business.

Some of the mumpreneurs featured include: Katherine Tay of Happy Cottage, Jocelyn Lee of MuaKids, Maryann Koh of The Studio Loft, etc.

Written by Sher-li Torrey , founder & director of Mums@Work (Singapore) & Ruth Wong, a freelance writer and work-at-home mum, this is a valuable resource and companion for mums who are exploring ways to achieve work-life balance.