My Baby Journal

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My Baby Journal

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The Baby Journal contains valuable information on products and services for parents. It also functions as a diary and scrapbook charting your child’s growth from pregnancy to five years. Beautifully illustrated with vivid colours, the cheerful pages of the Journal include a guide to books available in the library, as well as practical and useful advice from childcare professionals you would want to know as a new parent: vaccinations, child nutrition, car safety for children, common baby diseases and how to deal with them.

My Baby Journal is a delightful book for parents to document all the events that take place in the life of their new baby. The fill-in-the-blank prompts help parents record each magical milestone of their new bundle of joy. There is room inside for photographs and other special keepsakes, capturing the cherished moments from before birth right through the first five years.

The journal also features valuable information for parents, including a product and services guide. The guide brings together information from respected experts on a variety of important issues, to make the early years easier, safer and more memorable.

My Baby Journal makes the ideal gift for new parents and parents-to-be.

  • Size: 210mm (W) x 297mm (H)
  • Extent: 96pp, Hardcover
  • Only limited copies for sale...