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Crayola Giveaway - 20 x My First Crayola Washable Handprint Creations worth $29.90 each

The 20 lucky winners are:

 Tan Choon Hee, IC: ****680F  Edmund Phang, IC: ****694C
 Wong Shu Yee, IC: ****306H  Cerrin Tan, IC: ****856E
 Zobia Saleem, IC: ****768D  Stephanie Yip, IC: ****028C
 Ng Kok Chuan, IC: ****387C  Phang Lai Yee, IC: ****334B
 Cheryl Lim, IC: ****373C  Serene Lee, IC: ****016B
 Leong Yin Peng, IC: ****066F  Eunice Chong, IC: ****316I
 Giok Mei Wan, IC: ****836G  Kaw Ling Ling, IC: ****827F
 Diana Ho, IC: ****207I  Gouri Thiagarajan, IC: ****928D
 Wee Ta Wee, IC: ****398Z  Nancy Lee Hoi Sim, IC: ****809A
 Priscillia Yip, IC: **** 207E  Joyce Tan, IC: ****814C

Congratulations! You should receive an email from us regarding the collection of your prize. Otherwise, please email us at 

Preschooler Survival Kit 2014/15 Contest

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My First Crayola products are non-toxic and washable. State

  1. True
  2. False