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5 Hampers from Gardenia - consist of Cornell Electric Pop-up Bread Toaster & Gardenia premiums

The 5 lucky winners are:


  1. Lim Ngoh Ying Camilla, IC: ****230J

  2. Grace Pang, IC: ****612C

  3. Puah Lay Yong, IC: ****070J

  4. Pek Sze Min, IC: ****479F

  5. Maria Morris, IC: ****632I

Congratulations! You should receive an email from us regarding the collection of your prize. Otherwise, please email us at 

Contests in Preschooler Survival Kit 2014/15

[Found on Pg 47]

Gardenia's Super Soft & Fine Enriched Wholemeal White Bread is made from 50% Super Fine Wholemeal Flour and has no cholesterol and trans fat.

  1. True
  2. False