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10 sets of Zespri exclusive premiums - Travel adapter, 8GB kiwifruit-shaped thumb drive & more...

The 10 lucky winners are:

 Tan Lai Pooi, IC: ****769I

Chua Han Chong, IC: ****438C

 Ginny Low Tse Mae, IC: ****159C

 Koh Lay Ting, IC: ****317Z

 Jervin Chia, IC: ****841E

 Ai Khin, IC: ****711D

 Teng Shimin, IC: ****570Z

 Pei Jun Lee, IC: ****850C

 Hui Ling Goh, IC: ****658G

 Fennis Putt, IC: ****046E

Congratulations! You should receive an email from us regarding the collection of your prize. Otherwise, please email us at 

Contests in Preschooler Survival Kit 2014/15

[Found on Pg 53]

Which is your favourite recipe from those featured here?