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20 sets of Dinosaur Train DVD Bundle Pack from HVN

The 20 lucky winners are:

 Serene Lee, IC: ****016B  Liu Seow Li, IC: ****386G
 Eunice Oh Pui Hoon, IC: ****291G  Nelly L Handrianto, IC: ****114A
 Liz Wang, IC: ****209F  Kang Meei Duan, IC: ****677I
 Cheng Lin, IC: ****741B  Chua Han Chong, IC: ****438C 
 Hui Kheng Tang, IC: ****322C  Aubrey Ng, IC: ****541Z
 Adeline Ng Hwee Hwee, IC: ****558C  Ai Khin, IC: ****711D
 Dhara Sanghrajka, IC: ****710F  Roshni Fredy, IC: ****487K
 Sook Kuan Lam, IC: ****872B  Evangeline Lim, IC: ****443H
 Rachel Goh, IC: ****278H  Tan Ai Hoon, IC: ****095F
 Hwee Lee Tan, IC: **** 532I  Fung Yuk Kei, IC: ****640I

Congratulations! You should receive an email from us regarding the collection of your prize. Otherwise, please email us at 

Contests in Preschooler Survival Kit 2014/15

[Found on Pg 73]

Dinosaur Train helps children learn about life science, natural history and palaeontology , which is the study of fossils.